MSV Membership

Membership Benefits

Financial Members have access to a range of valuable performance and learning opportunities.  Benefits include access to:

  • MSV Competitions: to audition in exam-style conditions, receive a written report, and attend a Prize Winners Concert. 
  • MSV District Centre Concerts: to perform solo and /or ensemble items to supportive and encouraging audiences.
  • MSV Pathways: Prize money is awarded each year, from activities for young players, to MBS Performer of the Year, to overseas scholarships.
  • MSV Network: website and newsletter information.
  • Reduced ticket prices at MSV events.

Available Memberships

•Student Membership

◦A full-time student aged 25 years and under or a student under 18 years.

Students may attend all MSV meetings but are not entitled to vote or form quorums at meetings.


◦Any number of adults and children in the one family


◦A school or organization wishing to receive the newsletter and information about the Society's activities.  Schools with financial membership may send students to District Cenntres to perform if the Centre programme allows it.  This does not entitle those students to enter competitions, for which individual membership is a requirement.  Member schools will receive membership cards which can be presented to Centre Secretaries. 

Annual Membership Fees

Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year and valid until 31st December.

The Society is not registered for GST and GST is not charged on subscriptions.

As MSV is on the Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO), all donations are tax deductible.    


•Student/Pensioner - $50

•Adult - $55

•Family - $90

•Institution - $150


Join Up!

Please download the new member form and send to
The Hon. General Secretary,
The Musical Society of Victoria,

P.O.Box 2234
Wattletree Road P.O.
Victoria, 3145.